Michael Asher

Parking position, 1st week, July 04 – 11, Siegelkammer and Pferdegasse. Photograph: LWL / Rudolf Wakonigg © Michael Asher Foundation

Parking position, 1st week, July 04 – 11, Siegelkammer and Pferdegasse. Photograph: LWL / Rudolf Wakonigg © Michael Asher Foundation

Westfälisches Landesmuseum für Kunst und Kulturgeschichte, Münster, West Germany, Skulptur Ausstellung in Münster 1977, July 03 – November 13, 1977, trailer in changing locations



1st week: Siegelkammer and Pferdegasse

2nd week: parking space behind building of Bezirksregierung, Geisbergweg 1–3

3rd week: Alter Steinweg, parking space in front of brick wall with sign “Stricker”

4th week: Alter Steinweg across Kiffe-Pavillon, parking meter no. 275 or 274

5th week: Hörster Friedhof / Piusallee

6 th week: An der Kleimannbrücke no. 17

7th week: Dortmund-Ems canal, Rügenufer, ca. 300 m north of Königsberger Straße

8th week: Königsberger Straße 133-135

9th week: near Bröderichweg 36, end of cul-de-sac of Westfälisch-Lippische Sparkassenakademie

10th week: end of cul-de-sac Idenbrockweg in Kinderhaus

11th week: Coerde-market

12th week: church square in Nienberge, in front of grocery store

13th week: corner of Möllmannsweg / Hollandtstraße

14th week: Kappenberger Damm / Düesbergweg

15th week: woods at Jesuiterbrook, near Hünenburg

16th week: Gerichtsstraße / west side of Hindenburgplatz (since 2012 called Schlossplatz)

17th week: parking space in front of central station, parking meter no. 351

18th week: Sonnenstraße, near Ritterstraße

19th week: in front of Germanistisches Institut, parking space under trees

Michael Asher

* 1943 in Los Angeles, California, USA

† 2012 in Los Angeles

Michael Asher’s invitation to participate in the project section of the exhibition Skulptur Ausstellung in Münster 1977 came from Kasper König himself, who had met the artist in Los Angeles in 1970. Asher’s proposals for Münster envisaged mobile, discreet changes at given sites, such as planting trees or excavating a tunnel. Ultimately, the artist decided to install an Eriba Familia caravan, which he parked at locations that changed on weekly basis, in and around Münster. Colourful tear-off pads in the museum foyer, together with the catalogue entry, directed visitors to the respective parking locations. In some cases, detailed sketches and descriptions regarding the various project proposals exist. The current documentation in the Skulptur Projekte Archiv provides no information however on the criteria Asher used in selecting the individual sites.

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