Skulptur Ausstellung in Münster 1977 [Sculpture Exhibition in Münster, 1977]

July 03 – November 13 1977


In 1973 the residents of Münster reacted with outrage to the installation of George Rickey’s kinetic sculpture Drei rotierende Quadrate (Three Rotary Squares) on Engelenschanze. The public outcry gave Klaus Bußmann the idea of laying the foundations of a new open-minded approach to the medium of sculpture by means of an exhibition. Together with Kasper König, he curated a two-part exhibition that opened in 1977. While a survey show at the Westfälische Landesmuseum traced the history and development of modern sculpture, nine contemporary artists – most of them from the USA – accepted an invitation from the curators to create works in situ within the framework of a project in the city of Münster. The encounter between viewers and sculpture was thus extended beyond the museum sphere into public space.

Klaus Bußmann (exhibition director)
Kasper König (projects)
Norbert Nobis (exhibition assistant)
Brigitte Kühn (exhibition office)
Petra Haufschild (exhibition office)