Skulptur Projekte in Münster 1987 [Sculpture Projects in Münster, 1987]

June 14 – October 04 1987


The project curated by Kasper König in 1977 became the basis of the second Skulptur Projekte in Münster, held in 1987. Sixty-four artists were invited to visit the city and afterwards to submit proposals for sculptural interventions. They were given no specifications and no practical constraints, other than budgetary. Of the projects submitted, 51 were realised in full and two in part. Only eleven proposals could not be implemented. The ensuing intensive dialogue between the artists and the curators, and between the visitors and the works, gave rise to a lively interaction with art in public space in a wide variety of locations within the Münster urban area. The projects of 1987 reviewed historical and social narratives of the city of Münster, as well as referring back to the first Skulptur Projekte of 1977. In addition, the works of the first exhibition were once again marked on a 1987 exhibition map.

Klaus Bußmann (concept and exhibition director)
Kasper König (concept and exhibition director)
Friedrich Meschede (exhibition office and project support)
Ulrich Wilmes (exhibition office and project support)